Meet Koby Bernard and other Adorable St. Bernard Dogs!

If you’re looking for a dose of cuteness in your life, then Just Dog Breeds is the site for you! It features a chock full of dog breeds and allows you to select a breed based on your personal preferences.
And what I love the most is the fact that owners get to upload photos of […]

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Mirrors: Incorporating Cute Designs in your Home!

Our cute topic for today is all about your home, and a great way to add some cute spice to your house is to add some very nice mirrors! There is a vast selection of mirrors available in the market, from serious, elegant ones to quirky, space-age modern ones, to minimalist mirrors. Somewhere in between […]

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Do you know Pocoyo? It’s a Spanish pre-school animated cartoon series created by David Cantolla, Luis Gallego and Guillermo GarcĂ­a Carsi.

Pocoyo is this adorably cute and curious kid with a blue hat who does a funny, unique headstand. He has a pink elephant called Elly who does ballet, Pato, a duck with moves, Loula, a […]

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Have you seen MoMo the Maltese Dog?

If you haven’t you MUST see these videos!

Cute, ain’t he???
Or shall I say it in Japanese: Kawaii, ne?
MoMo is owned by a Japanese girl, and she seems to have trained MoMo well. Note how steady he is in front of the camera!
Be sure to check out all his other videos. Arguably the cutest maltese dog […]

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Christmas is Cute

Christmas is just around the corner so here are my top 5 Christmas handmade gift picks for the year!
1. Amigurumi is cute.
For those who are going “amigu-what?” right now, Amigurumi refers to knitted stuffed toys, a craft that started in Japan but has now caught on in other parts of the world. There are thousands […]

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Cutest animated stuffed toy commercial!

This LG steam washer commercial never ceases to make me go “awww!” The animated white stuffed bear isn’t exceptionally unique-looking but the way they animated him just worked!

What are your thoughts? Cute stuffed toy or freaky stuffed toy?

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Super Paper Mario

… is one of the cutest games ever made since the dawn of time! I’m not just talking graphics here, because graphics-wise, I can think of several other games that can totally outclass Super Paper Mario, but I’m talking about the game play and concept. In this 3D age where most games are gearing towards […]

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Welcome to the Cute Blog!

This is where we’ll be posting all our updates to, and some other cute topics here and there. =) Come back soon!

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