Mirrors: Incorporating Cute Designs in your Home!

Our cute topic for today is all about your home, and a great way to add some cute spice to your house is to add some very nice mirrors! There is a vast selection of mirrors available in the market, from serious, elegant ones to quirky, space-age modern ones, to minimalist mirrors. Somewhere in between is a subset of very cute but chic mirrors. Because who says cute has to be tacky?

1. Adding Floral / Lace prints
Adding floral or lace prints to the frame makes your mirror look dainty and cute.

2. MIB - mirrors in black!
Dark colors don’t always have to be serious and somber. When paired with the right amount of details and prints, you can achieve the right balance of sophistication and cuteness. You can check out some bathroom mirrors in black here!

3. Color, color, color!
Nothing adds a cuter touch than splashes of colors. You can also opt for the pastel approach.

4. Crazy shaped frames
Cute Baby Monkey Mirror There are frames in the shapes of animals, check out this one from Amazon with the monkey holding the mirror

5. Go DIY!
Want to be super unique? Then buy a plain looking mirror and decorate it yourself! Add shells, colorful beads, etc.

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