Meet Koby Bernard and other Adorable St. Bernard Dogs!

If you’re looking for a dose of cuteness in your life, then Just Dog Breeds is the site for you! It features a chock full of dog breeds and allows you to select a breed based on your personal preferences.

And what I love the most is the fact that owners get to upload photos of their own dogs!

One of my favorite breeds has always been the St. Bernard, perhaps because of this cartoon I loved to watch as a kid:

and the Dog Breeds site has a lot of St. Bernard dogs to choose from, including my favorite - Koby, the Bernard:

Koby Bernard - Dog Breed


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Mirrors: Incorporating Cute Designs in your Home!

Our cute topic for today is all about your home, and a great way to add some cute spice to your house is to add some very nice mirrors! There is a vast selection of mirrors available in the market, from serious, elegant ones to quirky, space-age modern ones, to minimalist mirrors. Somewhere in between is a subset of very cute but chic mirrors. Because who says cute has to be tacky?

1. Adding Floral / Lace prints
Adding floral or lace prints to the frame makes your mirror look dainty and cute.

2. MIB - mirrors in black!
Dark colors don’t always have to be serious and somber. When paired with the right amount of details and prints, you can achieve the right balance of sophistication and cuteness. You can check out some bathroom mirrors in black here!

3. Color, color, color!
Nothing adds a cuter touch than splashes of colors. You can also opt for the pastel approach.

4. Crazy shaped frames
Cute Baby Monkey Mirror There are frames in the shapes of animals, check out this one from Amazon with the monkey holding the mirror

5. Go DIY!
Want to be super unique? Then buy a plain looking mirror and decorate it yourself! Add shells, colorful beads, etc.

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Do you know Pocoyo? It’s a Spanish pre-school animated cartoon series created by David Cantolla, Luis Gallego and Guillermo García Carsi.

Pocoyo is this adorably cute and curious kid with a blue hat who does a funny, unique headstand. He has a pink elephant called Elly who does ballet, Pato, a duck with moves, Loula, a silly puppy dog, and Sleepy Bird, who… well… sleeps :P

Check out their official website:
Official Pocoyo Website

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Have you seen MoMo the Maltese Dog?

If you haven’t you MUST see these videos!

Cute, ain’t he???
Or shall I say it in Japanese: Kawaii, ne?

MoMo is owned by a Japanese girl, and she seems to have trained MoMo well. Note how steady he is in front of the camera!

Be sure to check out all his other videos. Arguably the cutest maltese dog in my opinion. =)

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A Tribute to the Cute Mice

With “The Tale of Despereaux” movie coming up soon, I believe it’s high time for me to make a blog featuring the cute animated mice that graced our screen through the years.

Mickey Mouse

Of course, everybody knows the very trademark of Disney - Mickey Mouse. Till this day, this character is still vastly popular, reaching not only the kids but also the adult market.

Cinderella Mice

We cannot forget to feature the mice duo who was extremely essential in Operation: Save Cinderella for both Cinderella part 1 and part 3. Their voices are just as cute as their faces.

Bernard and Bianca from the Rescuers

Bernard and Bianca star in the Mouse-centric animation called The Rescuers, where the mice form a rescue society and do good deeds. Bernard and Bianca are chosen to rescue a kidnapped girl.

Fievel from American Tail

An American Tail is a period animation that depicts the terrible conditions immigrants to the United States faced before. Fievel is a curious, hyperactive cute little mouse trying to make his way in an unknown land.

Jerry from Tom and Jerry

We all know this mouse. Poor Tom, he can never win against this little guy.

Remy cooking Omelette in Ratatouille

This cute culinary critter marveled me tremendously with just how adorable and endearing he is. This picture features him cooking omelet for Linguini. Aside from the cute factor, the show is surprisingly touching and interesting, and has become one of my top 3 favorite animations of all time.


And now we have the most modern mouse to date: Despereaux. In the movie, “The Tale of Despereaux”, we will see three different characters - a brave mouse with large ears (Despereaux), an unhappy rat (Roscuro) who wants to leave the life of a dungeon mouse, and the beautiful young princess (Princess Pea).

Cheers to these cute little critters!

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Christmas is Cute

Christmas is just around the corner so here are my top 5 Christmas handmade gift picks for the year!

1. Amigurumi is cute.
Cute Parka Polar Bear AmigurumiFor those who are going “amigu-what?” right now, Amigurumi refers to knitted stuffed toys, a craft that started in Japan but has now caught on in other parts of the world. There are thousands of amigurumi cutesters out there, but if you’d like to get a Christmas-themed one, here’s a little polar bear wearing a parka, that particularly tickled my cute fancy. You can check it out at:

Swirly bird and heart necklace2. Swirly bird charms are cute.
There’s nothing like a good old whimsical necklace. Birds with swirls on them surely fit the category! This necklace I digged up in etsy even has this goregous red heart on the middle that is absolutely mesmerizing. This shop also features other cuties, like an anchor necklace, moon earrings, etc.

Strawberry Pancakes Felt Food3. Felt Food is cute.
Stuffed toys are cute enough, but how about stuffed toys that look like food??? Deliciously cute! Strawberry pancakes anyone? ;) My main concern is that I might mistakenly munch on these yummies in the middle of the night, when I’m groggy and hungry hahaha
You can check out among other shops for these soft goodies

4. Freaky plushies are cute.
Pax the cute monster plushieI’m talking one-eyed monsters, or monsters with wrenches as hands, tentacles, or anything else that is not within the realm of normalcy. They’re odd, they’re freaky, but hey… they’re cute! This shop I saw even wrote personalities for each monster!

5. Zany Neckties are cute.
cute-octopus-necktie.jpgThrow away those drab-looking ties or those boring striped ones, and buy ties with personality! Zany ties like this octopus-themed one will surely perk up your day at the office. Who knows, you might even put a smile on your cranky boss’ face!

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Annoying is cute

Okay, maybe not always; in fact, maybe not often either. But if we’re talking about Rayman Raving Rabbids, the above title holds true.

The Wii is arguably one of the biggest breakthroughs in console history, allowing users to really get into the game. It’s akin to those virtual reality games we see on those futuristic/sci fi flicks. You play ping pong, by holding the Wii remote as though it were a paddle. You play boxing by using the remote and nunchuk as gloves. You move left and right, and the game responds. It’s pretty much high-tech.

So where does “annoying” come in?

One of the most must-buy Wii games should definitely be Raving Rabbids. The name of the game is simple. You control one of several crazy rabbids (or Rayman himself) who speak gibberish and run amok in your screen, and you play mini games against 3 other players. The mini games are hilarious. You either have to hit your teacher with the most paper balls, carry a long stack of dishes to a customer on the other hand, while you careen dangerously over the edge of the building, get to make the most noise in the movie house… you probably get my drift by now.

Another cool mini game is the band game, where you get to play a particular instrument. Think dance revo, but here you have to bang your remote and nunchuk up and down instead of stepping on a dance mat.

Here’s one youtube video you must see:

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Cutest animated stuffed toy commercial!

This LG steam washer commercial never ceases to make me go “awww!” The animated white stuffed bear isn’t exceptionally unique-looking but the way they animated him just worked!

What are your thoughts? Cute stuffed toy or freaky stuffed toy? :P

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“Puppy Dog” Eyes

Wall-E surprisingly did extremely well in the box office ($216,252,003), despite the absence of cute furry / wide-eyed creatures with all their hilarious facial expressions. This Pixar flick focuses on an old robot who journeys into a new world full of new high-tech robots. It sounds quite blah till you get 5 minutes of Mr. Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class. Then you start realizing the cute potential of the character.

Wall-E’s “puppy dog” expression certainly won the hearts of many.


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Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario 3D flip… is one of the cutest games ever made since the dawn of time! I’m not just talking graphics here, because graphics-wise, I can think of several other games that can totally outclass Super Paper Mario, but I’m talking about the game play and concept. In this 3D age where most games are gearing towards realism and kick-arsery, this baby stands out with a 2D concept, similar to the old Mario Adventure games we’ve played back in Nes and Gameboy, with a very unique pseudo-3d twist to it. At each point in the game, you can go “3D” with a press of the button. The screen flips to show a different perspective of the world, allowing you to find hidden coins, go to obscure tunnels, or avoid getting hit by moving boulders. You can also use your wii remote as a wand and move it around the screen to see if there are any hidden doors, and you’ll feel just like a Hogwart student.

The storyline per se is very trite (as you’d expect), but the gameplay itself and the fact that it reminds you so much of the good old low-tech Mario game days makes it one of my top cutest games ever. Now, if they can only make a 2-player version of this…

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